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My bestfriend and I πŸΆπŸ’•
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i like to dress up.
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some guy at work drew this picture of me, its probably one of the sweetest things someone has done, but also one of the creepiest. BUT THSJISGD I WAS SOMEONES MUSE THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY.
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❄ #selfie #me #mine #snow #winter #blonde #hair
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happy Halloween :)
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Idk I like this picture, I thought it was different
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For anon.

so in less than 6 hours ill be boarding a plane that will be taking me to iceland, from there ill be going to Poland, Czech Republic and London. I cant wait! this is going to be the best 19 days of my life:) bye everyone!

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so im going out tonight with some of my friends from work. i havent felt pretty in a while, but tonight i do, so hi:) 
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